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  • Founding Story and Mission: Ben Christensen shares his journey from a forestry background to addressing climate change through Cambium Carbon. Learn how the startup is revolutionizing material sourcing by utilizing waste-to-value materials, starting with wood, to foster local economies and combat climate change.
  • Ultra-Running and Entrepreneurial Resilience: Ben draws parallels between the discipline and learnings from ultra-running and the entrepreneurial journey. This segment explores the mindset and persistence required to pursue ambitious goals.
  • Addressing Urban Wood Waste: An in-depth look at how Cambium Carbon is tackling the overlooked issue of urban wood waste, transforming it into valuable, sustainable materials. This case study illustrates the potential for startups to find innovative solutions to environmental challenges.
  • Room & Board Case Study: Learn about Cambium Carbon’s collaboration with Room & Board to source sustainable wood materials. This success story demonstrates the impact of transparency and sustainability in supply chains, offering lessons on building trust and value through innovative product sourcing.
  • Fundraising Insights: Ben shares candid experiences and lessons learned from Cambium Carbon’s fundraising journey, emphasizing the importance of relationship building, strategic focus, and resilience in securing funding.
  • Advice for Aspiring Founders: Ben advises founders to prioritize and commit to impactful initiatives, highlighting the necessity of a stepwise approach to building and scaling a startup.


Embrace Directness and Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Ben admires Phoebe Yao for her ability to deliver direct feedback while being emotionally available. This balance is crucial for cultivating a culture of excellence and fostering an environment where team members feel understood and valued. Actionable advice for founders is to practice clear communication coupled with empathy, enhancing team performance and cohesion.

Incorporate Discipline and Perspective from Personal Challenges

Ben’s involvement in ultra-running offers valuable lessons in discipline, resilience, and maintaining perspective. Founders can apply this to their entrepreneurial journey by embracing challenges as opportunities for growth, ensuring disciplined execution, and learning to navigate setbacks with resilience.

Identify and Utilize Overlooked Resources

Cambium Carbon’s focus on transforming urban wood waste into valuable materials highlights the potential of overlooked resources. Founders should explore untapped markets or underutilized resources within their industries, driving innovation and creating value from what others may disregard.

Building Transparency into Product Sourcing

The Room & Board case study demonstrates the importance of transparency in supply chains. For B2B founders, developing systems that offer clear visibility into your product's journey can enhance trust and reliability with your clients, fostering stronger business relationships.

Stay True to Your Vision in the Face of Rejection

The early rejection from peers and the difficulty in fundraising did not deter Ben’s commitment to Cambium Carbon. This underlines the importance of staying true to your vision, even when faced with skepticism. Founders should remain steadfast in their belief in their startup’s mission, using rejection as a catalyst for refinement and perseverance.

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