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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from tech’s most innovative B2B founders. Today, we’re speaking with Anand Gopalan, CEO & Co-Founder of Vayu Robotics, a groundbreaking robotics company that’s secured $12.7 Million in funding. 

Here are the most interesting points from our conversation:

  • Anand’s Journey of Constant Reinvention: From his beginnings as a semiconductor designer to becoming the CEO of Velodyne and taking it public during the pandemic, Anand shares his story of continuous growth and adaptation, culminating in the founding of Vayu Robotics.
  • The Genesis of Vayu Robotics: Anand discusses the early conversations with his co-founder, Mahesh, that led to the formation of Vayu Robotics. Their shared history and passion for solving complex problems in robotics were key motivators.
  • The Mission of Vayu Robotics: Anand outlines Vayu’s mission to build a nervous system for mobile robots, enabling them to move safely and efficiently in any environment, addressing a critical need in various industries.
  • Identifying and Engaging Early Customers: Anand reflects on the organic and sometimes nonlinear process of identifying early customers, emphasizing the importance of deep industry connections and understanding customer pain points.
  • Marketing Strategy and Philosophy: Focused on a technology and product-led approach, Anand highlights the importance of aligning the company’s marketing with the tangible benefits it offers to customers, ensuring that messaging resonates with engineers and end-users alike.
  • The Importance of Unit Economics in Robotics: Anand stresses the critical role of understanding unit economics in the robotics industry, detailing how this understanding has shaped Vayu’s product development and market strategy.



Embrace the Power of Reinvention:

Anand's journey is a masterclass in the power of reinventing oneself to meet new challenges and opportunities. For B2B tech founders, being open to change and continuous learning is key to staying relevant and innovative in the fast-evolving tech landscape.

Deep Industry Connections Are Invaluable:

The genesis of Vayu Robotics underscores the importance of leveraging deep industry connections and shared experiences to identify opportunities and co-founders. Building a strong network can provide critical insights and open doors to initial customers and partners.

Focus on Solving Real Problems:

Anand's approach to identifying early customers—focusing on real problems that need solving—can be a blueprint for founders. Engaging with potential customers early and often to understand their pain points can guide product development and ensure market fit.

Adopt a Product-Led Marketing Philosophy:

Vayu's technology and product-led marketing strategy highlight the effectiveness of focusing on the tangible benefits your product offers. For founders, ensuring your marketing messages resonate with the specific needs and language of your target audience, especially in technical fields, is crucial.

Understand Your Product’s Unit Economics:

Anand emphasizes the critical role of unit economics in robotics, which is applicable across tech sectors. Founders should prioritize understanding the cost structures and economic viability of their products from the outset to build sustainable business models.

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