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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from tech’s most innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Ashish Nagar, founder and CEO of Level AI, a contact center software platform that has raised $35 million in funding. Here are the most interesting points from our conversation:

  • Ashish’s Path to Level AI: From a product manager on Amazon’s Alexa team, where he spearheaded early conversational AI efforts, to founding Level AI, Ashish’s journey is a testament to his deep involvement in the evolution of AI technology.
  • The Renaissance of Conversational AI: Ashish describes the current period as a golden age for conversational AI, driven by rapid advancements and new research ideas. Despite the progress, he highlights ongoing challenges like understanding fiction and managing long dialogues.
  • Learning from Amazon: Ashish credits his time at Amazon with shaping his approach to business and entrepreneurship, particularly highlighting the importance of bias for action, the effectiveness of small teams, and a relentless focus on customer centricity.
  • Level AI’s Mission: As a contact center intelligence platform, Level AI aims to revolutionize how brands handle customer service by providing insights and improving service performance without relying on bots for interactions.
  • The Future of Customer Support: Ashish predicts significant advancements in automating customer service workflows, while emphasizing the enduring role of humans in providing complex support and decision-making.
  • Augmenting Human Productivity: The vision for Level AI extends beyond improving customer service to enhancing the productivity of millions of frontline workers, underscoring a broader impact on work and efficiency in various sectors.


Embrace the Power of Small Teams:

Ashish's observation about the impact of small teams at Amazon, especially in driving significant outcomes with limited resources, underscores an actionable strategy for tech startups. By focusing on lean operations and empowering small, agile teams, companies can achieve remarkable efficiency and innovation.

Bias for Action:

Drawing from his experiences at Amazon, Ashish highlights the importance of moving quickly and focusing on impactful actions. Startups should cultivate a culture where rapid experimentation and a focus on execution are valued over prolonged deliberation, thereby accelerating growth and learning.

Customer Centricity as a Core Value:

Ashish's emphasis on customer centricity being deeply embedded in Amazon's culture serves as a reminder that truly putting the customer first goes beyond lip service. Making every decision with the customer's best interest in mind can question and challenge the status quo, leading to better products and services.

Focus on Problems That Matter:

Level AI's success in the contact center space stems from identifying and addressing a real, unsolved problem — enhancing customer service through AI without replacing human interaction. This approach of solving meaningful problems that no one else can address is a critical takeaway for founders looking to make a lasting impact in their industries.

Educating the Market is Key:

As Level AI navigates the process of defining a new category within customer service intelligence, the importance of education becomes clear. Startups often need to not only innovate but also play a significant role in educating their potential market about the value and utility of their solutions, especially when carving out a new niche or redefining an existing one.

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