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Welcome to another episode of Category Visionaries — the show that explores GTM stories from tech’s most innovative B2B founders. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Michael Bamberger, CEO and founder of Tetra Insights, a qualitative research and insights platform that has raised $7 million in funding.

  • Michael’s journey from self-taught web developer to private equity analyst to serial entrepreneur, and how his quest to help companies make better decisions with data led him to focus on qualitative insights.
  • The problem of companies generating thousands of hours of audio and video data from user research and customer conversations, but lacking the tools to seamlessly collect and transform that data into actionable insights.
  • Tetra’s unique position in the market, blending organic conversational intelligence with research capabilities and a centralized repository, enabling enterprises to scale their insight work.
  • The company’s impressive growth trajectory, with revenue more than doubling each year since 2020 and enterprise customers seeing 3x year-over-year increases in active users and data volume.
  • Michael’s approach to proving ROI, both in terms of helping researchers demonstrate their value within organizations and quantifying the efficiency gains and cost savings Tetra delivers.
  • The power of sharing unique, sometimes counterintuitive perspectives through content marketing to attract enterprise buyers and cut through the noise in a crowded market.


Follow the Trail of Influential Data:

Throughout his career, Michael repeatedly found that qualitative insights in the form of customer quotes, video clips, and audio snippets were the most powerful drivers of decision-making, even when presented alongside reams of quantitative data. By identifying the data sources that have the greatest impact on key stakeholders, founders can focus their efforts on collecting and leveraging that information to shape strategy.

Develop Relationships Through Genuine Customer Discovery:

To land its first paying customers, Tetra started with a broad survey to understand pain points and opportunities, then engaged respondents through interviews and beta testing. By investing in deep customer discovery and working closely with early adopters to solve their problems, the company built strong relationships that organically led to paid contracts. Founders should prioritize genuine engagement with potential customers to validate their assumptions and create champions for their solution.

Quantify Your Impact on Efficiency and Headcount:

When selling to enterprises, Tetra focuses on demonstrating how its platform automates workflows, enables existing teams to accomplish more, and reduces the need for future hires. By quantifying the efficiency gains and opportunity costs of choosing their solution over additional headcount, the company makes a compelling ROI case. Founders should seek to translate their value proposition into tangible metrics around productivity and resource allocation.

Attract the Right Audience by Sharing Unique Perspectives:

Rather than simply aligning with prevailing industry narratives, Tetra has found success by sharing its own distinct, sometimes contrarian viewpoints through content like webinars. By leaning into their expertise and trusting their opinions, the company has drawn in enterprise buyers who are seeking fresh insights. Founders should be bold in articulating their unique perspectives and using thought leadership to capture the attention of their target customers.

Overinvest in Senior Engineering Talent Early:

Looking back, Michael wishes he had prioritized hiring a few highly skilled senior engineers in the early days of Tetra, even at a premium price, rather than optimizing for affordability. While it can be tempting to build a scrappy team of junior developers, the impact of experienced technical leaders who can mentor others and tackle complex challenges is immense. Founders should consider frontloading their engineering hiring with senior talent to accelerate product development and set a strong foundation.

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